Complete Circle

As usual, long time, no blog. But now I actually have something to say. I started this blog to document my own journey from university to reality. It was a long one with many ups and downs, creative solutions and shitty jobs to pay rent. But I am very proud to be able to say that i fought through it and got to where I really wanted to be. I think this requires a list. So here are some of all the things I did to pay rent or increase skills or trying to get a job.

Krook & Tjäder
Vf Transport

It wasn’t always all fun and games and I really wasn’t sure that I would ever reach my goal. But that is when you really need friends and family around you to keep your nose above water and keep breathing. So thank you so much for that, you know who you are. I’ll save a couple of special thanks for last.

So where did I end up? I am now hired by Semcon and placed at Volvo Cars as a consultant. I work at the group Color and Material as a specialist designer with my main areas being decoration panels and steering wheels. It is the best first taste of this industry I could ever have gotten. That’s all I’ll say about that. Below I’ll post some pictures of the interior of the new XC90 that will be released in the near future. The press release can be read here.

Special thanks has to go out to the following people: Ivar for always supporting, mentoring and creating this opportunity. Anders for being the best friend a person could ever have. Julia for not giving up on me. Mom for just being awesome! So to wrap up…What will become of this blog now? Well I’m not really sure myself but I think I will use it document different strange projects I tend to involve myself in. I now have my first job in the transportation industry but I will never forget Håkans words: Parkbänken är aldrig långt borta!










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  1. Uncle Lars says:

    I admire your determination and courage to follow your dreams! Live your dreams! All the best, L

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