Jeden tag ein bisschen besser pt. III

Once again long time, no blog. But it has it’s reasons of course. Since I flew back down to Pforzheim it has been so much work to get done that I just could not find the time. At the end of a Pforzheim-semester there is a Werkschau where all the students show their final projects from that semester. It has been a lot of work trying to get everything finished and with three final projects simultaneously it has been a bit over the top at times. Yesterday we printed all the posters and it was nice to see school filled with people working on the exhibition.

Today I started to rework my portfolio. It is going to get a complete overhaul and that is much thanks to the teachers here in Pforzheim. I just feel that with my new skills and confidence in sketching I can do so much better than my last version from when I applied here. That is a great feeling! It also feels like the time spent here gave me a base to develop further from. So once again, thank you to the teachers and all my fellow students down here, you made this semester a really good one.

There is a time and a place for everything and my time here in Germany is coming to an end for this time. Right now it’s less than a week left in Pforzheim before I return home to Sweden. I will miss the friends that I’ve made down here but maybe we’ll meet again, who knows! And to all my dear friends in Gothenburg, I hope to see you all very, very soon!

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