I’m back down in Pforzheim for the last month in school. It was a long day of wonderful travel that meant I could finally put Finland on my countries I’ve visited list. The school break came at a perfect time and was spent back home in dear old Sweden with friends and family just catching up and resting. The occasional sketch was squeezed out and some meetings were held but apart from that it was smooth sailing.

Now that I’m back in full school-mode I plan to keep the updates coming a bit more often then they have lately but we will see. Time for me to head to bed at dear old Hotel Ruf but I leave you with a clip I filmed up in Värmland, Sweden on new years day near my families cabin. It goes out to all the indians and mexicans, this is what snow looks like! The winter so far was real bad with barely any snow at all  but I managed to catch one of the few times snow fell.

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