Back in Sweden me and my friends have visited hundreds of deserted mines, houses, industries, hospitals, military facilities and other beautiful things. This hobby of ours is called urban exploration and means that you find things man-made, visit and explore them. We have been doing it for a couple of years and by now we have seen much of what our home country has to offer. This is a hobby where we get to experience places that few people get to see document them, a bit like a treasure-hunt. Now that both me and Anders live in Germany we are starting to explore this country as well. It is a bit harder here since we do not speak the language perfectly but we have our tricks to find the places and they seem to work no matter the country.

Yesterday we went exploring in and around Frankfurt. The first stop was an old paper-mill in a town called Okriftel. It was a huge place in the middle of town but it was not as deserted as we had thought. We got some nice photos and a beautiful walk in the sunshine. Next stop was back in Frankfurt and the train-station Frankfurt/Main-Ost. This was really interesting since it is pretty central but still abandoned. A few trains still stop at one of the many platforms but other then that it was shut down and trashed to bits. It felt like this station probably will be renovated/rebuilt in time since we had building-sites all around with new buildings popping up.

This time we decided not just to take pictures but also to make a short video of our little adventure. We had a lot of fun and there will definitely be more videos made. If you are interested in these kinds of things I can recommend a peek on Anders homepage and also to check out the Yoda of swedish urban exploration Jan Jörnmark. One of his books might be a a perfect gift for x-mas for yourself or someone else. So get out there and explore, leaving nothing but footsteps, taking nothing but pictures.

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  1. Lisbeth Högvik says:

    That was a beautiful and melancholic little film. How clever you are!

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