Jeden tag ein bisschen besser pt. II

Okay, here comes another update from the land of glühwein and spätzle.
I thought I’d use this post to talk about how sketch-education works here in Pforzheim. As I  wrote in a previous entry here I am enrolled in three sketch-courses. You can read about them here. The reason for me being here is just to get better at sketching and I must say it is very nice to have such a clear focus for my stay,

The way things work here is pretty similar for all three 3,5 hours long courses.In the two analog sketching ones we first go through that weeks homework together. Everyone puts up their results on the walls around the room and then gets to say a few words about their work and get the opinions of the teacher and class. This system works ok for me but during the weeks it can be pretty stressful if the sketches just isn’t coming along.

The rest of the lesson is spent sketching around the big table where everyone sits. This was quite uncomfortable for me at first. Both because it was a new situation for me and also because I in the beginning was quite ashamed of my sketching skills. Since then this has improved. One reason is that the situation now is familiar to me but also that I’m getting more and more comfortable with my sketching and what I am capable of.

In the digital sketching it is basically the same structure only that here you get some personal hands on feedback and improvement by the teacher. He takes your file and goes through it and the whole process is also shown by the projector so the class can follow and get inspired by the others work.

I can already feel that I will have loads to thank Pforzheim for when I pack up and leave in February. First and maybe most important of all, I regained my joy for sketching. I think I lost it sometime during my previous studies when I felt that I just was not improving. I gave up. Down here I learnt more about sketching in two months than I did in five years of designschool back home. I just needed that catalyst to help me start rolling.

This I might add is just the start of me improving in the field of sketching but you learn as long as you live and I am really looking forward to trying to reach my goals.

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  1. Markus says:

    wow, your blog is awesome ! very interesing to read. i think you are really getting better and better in sketching !
    have a nice day,


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