Jeden tag ein bisschen besser pt. I

Halftime in Germany. I can’t really believe it but according to my calculations I’m actually half way into this exchange. Things really sped on down here and I have learnt so much. Hopefully I will learn even more this last stint and go home satisfied. Right now it feels like I will.

The way things worked with the exchange has been pretty good. In the beginning everything was a bit shaky with the picking of courses etc. but once everything got moving and up to speed it has been smooth sailing from there on. I came here with the goal of becoming a better sketcher and Pforzheim is clearly the place to do it. The industrial design education here is very traditional compared to both the bachelor and the master I took before in Sweden. Here it is very much about learning the tools of the trade like sketching, different types of rendering and modelling (both analog and digital).

That is why I am here this term. I wanted to go to the more dynamic schools that I attended in Sweden but I also really need real oldschool hardcore sketch-education, hence trying to eat one’s cake and have it too. When I went down here I had no idea what courses I would get offered to take. A week or so into the term after the beginning workshop we got to take a look at the schedule and begin to make our choices. One of the perks of being an exchange-student is that you can move around the different classes you are interested in and try them out. I did not really have to because I knew where I needed to be. I started out with five courses. Three sketch-classes, one Alias-modelling and one project. Since then I have dropped the project to focus more on the sketching. Four courses might not seem like a lot but it is a bit different with the sketch classes. They come with a big side-order of homework and require a lot of exercise. And also I think that all the people that once opened Alias for the first time is now shaking their heads, right?

it is a challenge and it keeps me up a lot of nights trying to improve and I love it. Going down here to do this has been really good for me both professionally and privately even though with all the homework I think I might be classified by the people down here as the tired old swede that never comes out to play. The courses I am taking are as follows:

Designzeichnen – basics in sketching with polychrome pencils. Here we started with primitives and work ourselves to more advanced shapes every week. This IS sketching bootcamp.

Darstellungtechnik I – marker-sketching. This is where we really nerd it out and breathe in as much copic fumes as possible.

Darstellungtechnik II – digital rendering class. Here we use Photoshop to create renders of analog sketches. Absolutely love it!

CAD einführung (Alias) – introduction to the software. In this course we get to know it by building a coffee-machine that we designed ourselves. So far it feels good even though Alias does not really want to cooperate with me sometimes.

2 Responses to Jeden tag ein bisschen besser pt. I

  1. Anki Leissner says:

    Kul att du trivs, jobba på Anki

  2. Lars says:

    Great Erik, I can almost hear the slight German accent…
    You know, don’t mention the w…
    Rgds L

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