Opelface and Mainhattan

Photocredit: Anders Magnusson

Long time, no blog. Well there is at least a good reason for that and that reason is the german word aufgabe. That means homework and most of the time with my schedule down here there is little time for other activities. I find that to be a good thing for this short time that I will be down here. But until next update, no more school-stuff. Sometimes you just need to relax and thankfully this weekend my best friend and brother from another mother, Anders invited me up to Frankfurt where he now lives and works for Opel.

From Pforzheim to Frankfurt through Karlsruhe it takes 1,5h with the wonderful people at Deutsche Bahn and then you arrive at the impressive Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. I was welcomed at the station by Anders and the two brothers working at KIA that he lives with. They all studied in the same class in Gothenburg and now they are all out in europe working in the automotive-industry. Good work!

The weekend was spent enjoying the best of what Frankfurt or as some say, ”Mainhattan” has to offer. We took long walks, ate great food, checked out expensive cars, spoke german and discussed the differences between Sweden and Germany. It was a great weekend that next will be followed by another one spent in Stuttgart. After that one we will spend another one at a so far to be announced location. Meaning: wir haben keine anung.

Now it is time for sketching here in Baden-Württemberg. Next topic will be all about school, see you then.

Photocredit: Anders Magnusson

Photocredit: Anders Magnusson

Photocredit: Anders Magnusson


3 Responses to Opelface and Mainhattan

  1. Lisbeth Högvik says:

    Thank you!

  2. Lisbeth Högvik says:

    The other mother is happy to see her absent son looking so healthy, albeit a wee bit serious. Thank you for that, Erik!

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