So far so good

After the intro-project with Porsche Design there has been a slight vacuum before courses in school starts. This was a welcome gap to be able to let all the new things sink in and run some errands. With being an exchange-student in Germany comes certain musts that I’ve tried to take care of the last days. For example I needed to sign in at the municipality at the amt für öffentliche ordnung (a name that can make anyone nervous), get a bank account to put a deposit for my student-id on and then I could really use a german phone-number. With these things now solved I can concentrate on school and that feels good.

In school the courses start tomorrow and so today me and the rest of the exchange-students at design, two indians and one south korean, all girls, will meet with the industrial design assistant to discuss courses and how everything will be arranged. So as of tomorrow we are free to try all the courses out to see what fits us the best. This trial-period will last two-three weeks at the most, then we have to choose. My goal is to be quicker than that. After all, I’m only here for a short period and want to get the most out of it.

Yesterday when I returned home to Bahnhofplatz there was an e-mail from Anki at HDK in my inbox. Amongst other things she wrote that my blog soon will be available on the HDK website and also that I had gotten a grant! So a big thank you to Anki for all the help making this exchange reality and another big one to Adlerbertska Elevbostadsfonden for the grant. This will really help me survive down here.

And one last thing. Anders, I miss you brother!

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