Hunger auf Luxus?

Okay so now two days of stegreif project with Porsche Design has passed. It has been two very interesting days to say the least. New school, new language, new country and loads of new people. This short intro-workshop started wednesday with all of us being split into groups. In my group there are some that just started their first semester all the way up to those soon to graduate. All german except for a wonderful austrian teamleader and a token swede. That would be me!

I got lucky and got placed in a fantastically friendly group with really nice people. All thanks to them I feel much calmer about this new environment. They showed me around the nooks and crannies of the building and tried to remember to speak english to me. I found it much more interesting to try to follow the discussions in german though and I think I actually get most of it. Speaking it a complete different matter. I stick with my trusty english.

Tomorrow is the final day of the workshop and this is when it should all come together. We work very close as a group and seem to have the most fun out of all the groups, at least that’s what I’d like to think so that won’t be a problem. Maybe you will see the result here, maybe you won’t, who knows.

Jetzt ist es schlafenszeit hier auf Bahnhofplatz, auf wiedersehen!

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