Almost a week has past and I have started to get settled here in Pforzheim. School is slowly getting started and the town is filled with confused teenagers and exchange students. Today we had the official opening of the school up in the main buildings of the university. For us from abroad there thankfully was a special one held in english. In the first brake the few of us attending the design faculty were separated and we took a sunny walk down the hill to our new home. The gestaltung fakultät is in a building of its own down in the valley, quite close to the river and only a ten minute walk from where I live.

The building itself looked and felt a lot like HDK in Gothenburg, the outside being strict and heavy feeling while the inside was pure creativity. The tour we got was kind of confusing as was the house itself but that will probably sort itself out pretty quickly.

The rest of the week will be spent working on an intro-workshop held by Porsche design. Seems to be an interesting brief and a good platform for getting to know both other students and the school itself. More updates will follow

Bis dann, tschüss!

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