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With the exchange to Pforzheim coming closer and closer it was time to prepare with a trip up to Värmland for a huge dose of Sweden. The weekend was spent eating good food, rooting around the forest for mushrooms, listening to country on the local radio, visiting flea markets and just letting time pass on by slowly as it does up there.

Since neither me or my mother own a car we decided to rent one for the weekend. Being the way that I am I started on the top of my wish-list. Renting a new Saab today is not easy but there were ways to do it I found out. Mabi is a rental company that specialise in not only the usual group of rental cars but also the ones a bit different. They have everything from regular cars to convertibles to sports-cars like the Audi R8. The thing is though that they get the cars from many different brands and often from the ones not typically used as rentals here in Sweden. I called to see if they could arrange for a weekend with the new 9-5 sedan and that was no problem. I don’t like to sound like I’m selling Mabis services here but I just like the fact that they dare to take in new Saabs when the situation is the way it is and others just shake their heads. Good work, and thank you!

So how was the car then? I only drove the new 9-5 for an hour on independence day before and wrote about it in this post. That time it was a ttid4 diesel manual and this time I got a petrol turbo4 automatic. I must say that this is THE best modern car I have driven. Some of that might be pure Trollhättan pride but I really do believe that this car is right up there with BMW, Mercedes, Audi and the rest. It is an alternative for people that values driving something a bit more interesting. This car has so much personality in both how it drives and looks. Just the stance and the presence it has on the road bends a lot of necks. I have never gotten more thumbs up in my life. The trip to Värmland put the 9-5 to the test on all types of roads, both urban and rural. All I can say is that for me, Saab still has the magic touch.

I can’t wait for the new Saabs to come to market. You have to remember that this still is a GM developed product and the company has a lot more to give. Fingers crossed and as one of your teachers from HDK always said ”Work hard and never, ever give up” That fits in well with Saab, a company that apparently has way more than nine lives.

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