LOTS of love

With less than two months left until I supposedly leave for one term in Pforzheim, Germany, my plan was to stick with my job as a test-driver and keep the money coming in to save up for this coming adventure. As it now shows, things did not go according to my plan. It actually took a turn for the better that I could not have anticipated.

Before the summer vacations started I was asked to submit my portfolio to LOTS Design by my dear friend Jesper who works there. He said that they might need to add another industrial designer to their list of employees. I sent my portfolio in July and did not hear back. The vacation had gotten in the way as I later realised. Suddenly a sunny Monday in August got a call from Jesper. He asked if I was interested in coming in for a meeting. I said yes and asked what day would fit them.

Well…how about now?
Yeah I just need to get off work here kind of…

So in less than half a week I had a new job as an industrial designer at a firm I had only heard wonderful things about. It was a dream come true!
Now that I have been working there for a while I can only confirm that it is exactly as good as the rumours say it is. A small agency with interesting clients, a fantastic mix of different people and disciplines within the staff and a sense of being a family. All this topped with a knowledge of how to combine all these things into something that delivers great results.
I will stay with LOTS until my German adventure starts and then we will see what happens after that. Hopefully I return to Sweden with many new skills that I can use wherever I end up.

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