Amsterdamage pt. II

Now I’m back home again, reflecting on the trip to Amsterdam. It was a nice and effective working holiday. I got to see this city for the first time and even though it mostly was through the windscreen of a Volvo I really liked what I saw. Amsterdam feels alive and like a very creative city where you would never get bored. One of the things about this city I found most inspiring was the amount of people biking. In the city centre the bicycle is by far the most dominating form of transportation. It felt like it outnumbered both pedestrians and especially cars. If you have to try to drive a car through Amsterdam you will have to be on your toes not to hurt anyone. When I come to power I will make all cities like this. No cars only people, bikes and clean air!
And if I lived in Amsterdam I would keep my fingers crossed that someone would pick up and produce my friend David Qvicks master thesis project DV01.

Still I have to say that my favourite Benelux city must be Rotterdam. I mean, the harbour, the amazing no boundries architecture, the small city feel in a big city format, the friendly people and nice museums.
Feels like I just explained Gothenburg, if you leave out the architecture part. Oh well, Rotterdam is the Gothenburg of the Netherlands. Remember where you heard it first!

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