Continental breakfast

Day 1.
Once again I find myself sent out on an excursion to continental Europe. This time the task is to deliver a car to Stuttgart. So far me and my colleague got to Copenhagen where we stopped for the night. Tomorrow we head out for the 1000 km to Stuttgart and on the way there I hope to pass by Pforzheim to take a first look at the town and university where I will spend the winter semester. Updates will follow if I find wifi. Out.

Day 2.
Another long day at work is coming to an end. This night will be spent at a pretty nice hotel in Stuttgart and right now I’m winding down with some German tv and sketching. We had a long way to travel today but it worked out fine with no major problems. Free-speed autobahn can cheer anyone up and I can now state that I (tried to) study some motorcycle-license theory in 200 km/h.
We managed to pop by Pforzheim on the way to Stuttgart to get a feel for my future hometown. Arriving just as day turned to night, we took a short walk around the area in the warm air. I am not entirely sure we actually were outside the ”gestaltung” faculty but in the short walk it felt like a nice place. Fingers crossed.
That was it for this mission. Tomorrow we fly back home, Stuttgart – Berlin – Göteborg and then it’s time to repack the backpack and go to Värmland. Wonderful!

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