Was ist los!?
So after a many sleepless nights with portfolio-making followed by a long agonising wait I finally got the result. It took me at least ten minutes to open that e-mail, but when I finally dared to I think I actually managed one or two tears of joy. I got in!

After graduating from HDK I started to look for ways to strengthen my sketching techniques. I went to visit UID, looked into arranging courses at HDK and also checked out possibilities on schools abroad.
After almost giving up about ten times I got to know that I had the chance to study abroad for one term through HDK. I got right at it and looked at what schools I had the option to apply to. There were many good ones in many interesting places but there was one that really stood out, a school that I had looked at in envy many times before. It’s one of these schools that just produces amazing students. There is no other way of putting it. The school I am talking about is Pforzheim in Germany.

So far I only got the letter saying that I got in, nothing more, but it’s slowly starting to sink in. It’s just for one term but it makes me honoured, extremely happy and a bit scared.
The thought of going to a school that teaches at such a high level in sketching has made me into a living etch-a-sketch. I sketch on everything I touch just to get better and better. Just the fact that I got in also made me win back a large portion of confidence and a big slice of sketching-joy.

I will get back here with more updates when things start to happen. Aside from all the butterflies I also am already starting feel how much I will miss all family, friends and loved ones but I’ll hurry back. To try to end this post I thought of a joke that fits in well with this theme. Unfortunately it only works in Swedish.

- Hur många tyskar bor det i Tyskland? (markera raden under för svaret)
- Gör-many

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  1. piapiggelin says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Schön gemacht :)

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