Ohoy Galterö

After a friday dedicated to working hard on a new project together with Anders Magnusson, the saturday was all about relaxation. Not relaxing in the traditional laying-in-bed-all-day kind of way though. We got up not too late and started planning for some kind of outing together with Jesper Jonsson. Me and especially Anders has been doing a fair bit of urban exploring through the years and it was now time to see what Gothenburgs southern archipelago had to offer. After researching this we could narrow down the alternatives and decided on going to see the old fort on Galterö. This fort with it’s roots in the 15th century was used up until 2000. The question was if there was any traces left of the structures that once was supposed to protect the city of Gothenburg in case of war.

In order to get to Galterö you have to take the tram to Saltholmen, get on a boat and go to Brännö. The beautiful thing is that the tram ticket works on the boat as well. Public transportation at it’s best! When you get to Brännö you walk straight over the island and cross a small bridge over some water and you are on Galterö. Apart from three summerhouses, the island is unpopulated by humans. There were a lot of sheep though but we only found traces of them in form of enormous amounts of droppings.

The old fort is situated at the north-west point of the island and spread over a pretty big area. Most things have been filled with concrete or bulldozed but it’s easy to find the traces of a time when things were a bit different in this part of the world then it is today. Sweden never went to war back then (It’s another story today) but I guess the soldiers that were stationed here at least had a spectacular view.

Photo: Anders Magnusson

Photo: Anders Magnusson

Photo: Anders Magnusson

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