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In 2020 Volvo aims to produce a car that nobody will be seriously killed or injured in. At the same time their cars will not kill or seriously injure pedestrians or other road users. To do this they are constantly developing systems that aid the driver in many different ways. Some present examples of this is BLIS – Blind Spot Information System, City Safety, LDW – Lane Departure Warning, Driver alert control and Adaptive cruise control. This is an ever ongoing development and new technology aimed at achieving the goal for 2020 is in the pipeline.

In my current job as a test driver I get to use these and the next generation of systems. The first time you sit behind the wheel and see these systems working you feel a bit scared. Adaptive cruise control keep the distance to the car in front, the BLIS flash it’s lights when there is a car in your blind spot and city safety flashes lights and makes sounds when you are at risk of hitting something or someone. I felt a bit like the car was controlling me and not the other way around. After a short time of living with the systems though you start to like having them around. They are not systems to take the control away from you, they are there to aid you when you are not concentrating, sleepy or if a pedestrian steps out in front of the car. As soon as you realise that these systems are not a substitute for driving skills or concentration but a help for when the driver already missed to correct you start to appreciate them.

I am very impressed with this goal that Volvo has set and hope that they make it.
We have a very long and strong history in our Swede-ish brands of being the best in the world at driving the development of car safety forwards.

The question I keep asking myself is, do we really want cars in our cities at all? In my utopic city of the future we don’t. We barely need cars in dense cities as it is today. And imagine the amounts of lives THAT would spare. The problem is that you have to find a good replacement for cars. Both in and outside of the city. Free public transportation, new types of public transportation, bikes and maybe even a bit of walking. Yes I said it! Walking.
Every time I think about these questions, the future of transportation and especially public transportation I feel that that is my calling. That is what I want to work with. Let’s hope it works out that way.

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