Ohoy Tjörn

Just a quick recap of this weekends events. A quick trip to Tjörn in the for the weekend borrowed work-car with nice company, a beautiful little house to stay in and refreshing coastal weather. We visited the Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn and got to see a fantastic exhibition called Xenoglossy by Julie Nord from Denmark. Well worth a visit!

On Saturday we went to see Saabs newest concept, the PhoeniX. This is a concept that really raised eyebrows. One year after nearly getting put to sleep by GM Saab shows something this bold in Geneva. It’s a hate it or love it concept that really got people talking and that was also it’s purpose. Saab needs to get potential customers to see that they are back and working on new and exciting products. Still my eyes are adjusting to the new form-language introduced on the concept but I hope and think it will work well a bit toned down, less flamboyant and more Saab sleek on the next 9-3. I feel proud to be from Trollhättan!

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