It was about time I got myself a new job. This one will also be the last one before I get a ”real” job within the design business. That is a promise to myself. So what do I do now? Well I got a job that is actually kind of a dream come true. A title I can cross off the list of jobs I want to have worked. Jobs crossed of so far within this category is delivery driver and car builder. The new addition is test driver, a title that has a certain fifties type of coolness and charisma to it.

What I do is I test drive for a company that delivers software to Volvo. In order to put this software in cars and sell them to consumers you have to test and verify how the systems work in real situations. That’s where me and my co worker comes in. We drive the car and use the systems in reality and collect data on how the systems reacted to the situations put them in. I guess that’s all I can say about it since it’s a bit secret these things.

I basically get paid to drive a brand new car and listen to audio books while I use the next generation of software in cars. It might be the best extra job you can get, period!
These tests mostly take place in and around Gothenburg but sometimes we need data from other places than Sweden. So far we only went on one excursion to Germany but it was great fun with some continental flair, German free-speed-autobahns  and Danish  hospitality. Hopefully I’ll be going on more of these trips soon.

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