Award tour

Friday the 18th of March was the day of the award ceremony for the design challenge that auto motor & sport held in cooperation with Volkswagen. The location was Volkswagens showroom in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden. There was three prices presented, two first prices and one peoples choice for the person with the most likes on Facebook. The first price winners were to get a six week internship at Volkswagen design in Wolfsburg, Germany. The winners of the first prices out of the 73 submissions were Magnus Grettve and Kristofer Eriksson. The peoples choice was given to Rasmus Zachrisson with his 697 likes. If you did not see my submission you can read about it here.

I knew that I wasn’t among the winners and was kind of unsure if I should go to Stockholm and the award ceremony. In the end though I booked tickets hoping that I would get to talk to the interesting people in the jury and also the other contestants. The event was very professional and well conducted. Everyone from the jury was present and after the ceremony you got to hang out and socialise with them. I aimed for Klaus Bischoff, head of Volkswagen design. He turned out to a very friendly man that was very encouraging, inspiring and gave some good career advice that will come in handy.

So all in all, a very nice trip well worth the money spent. Nice to get away from home and get new impressions. I still can’t get how flying can be cheaper than taking the train. That’s just wrong. Right now I’m at work, sitting in a backseat of a car heading for Germany for some testdriving. Separate topic on that trip coming soon.

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