Saab independence day

Today the 23 of February 2011 it’s been a year since Saab was sold by GM to Spyker. This occasion was celebrated with something called Saab independence day in Trollhättan and worldwide. I personally took the chance to go back to my dear hometown for some quality time with friends, family and Saab. After arriving at lunchtime, me and Anders had a nice lunch, checked out the classic spots at the factory and later ended up at Saab ANA and managed to score ourselves 30 minutes in the new Saab 9-5. It was a TTID diesel with the 6-speed box. Unfortunately we missed out on the XWD but I was happy just to finally get to drive it, and it was a magnificent car. Ride like dream and really tight chassis. If I was in the position to get a new car this would definitely be my choice at least until the new 9-3 arrive next year. I would go for a slightly different setup though.

After this we picked up Johan and Iv for added quality time, had some greek food followed by a cup of coffee at my wonderful moms house before heading for some gocart and the main event at the Saab museum. There we got to see 1. the all new 9-5 sportcombi, 2. the 9-3 independence convertible and 3. the facelifted 9-3 range now with the addition of ”griffin”. This whole last visit made me very proud and a little bit emotional. Saab is moving in the right direction and the last GM-related products are now released. From now on it’s all Saab, Trollhättan ingenuity and good old jävlaranamma lite här kommer jag, lite fighting spirit och rejäla tag. We believe in you and I really hope I end up on the Saab payroll one day.

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