VW Splitcab

Yesterday, with 28 seconds to spare I turned in a competition that the magazine Auto motor & sport held together with Volkswagen. The brief was to create a Volkswagen for the year 2018 and the prize is a six week internship at Volkswagen design in Wolfsburg.

Since I turned in my contribution pretty late I had the benefit of analysing what other people had turned in to see which way to go. I noticed that many of the contributions were ”just a car” with no concept or story to it. So I decided to really focus on basing the project around a specific concept.

There is a jury judging this with representatives from both the magazine, Volkswagen and also fashion designer Lars Wallin but there is a way to attract more attention to your contribution. That is if your project has a lot of Facebook ”likes”. So if you like the project you are very welcome to send a like my way. And if you just don’t like me OR the project, you can always like it anyways and send me away to Germany for six weeks.


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