Regret as a creative tool

Many times when looking back at projects I’ve done through the years I realise that the only things I’m focusing on are the bits that could have been done better. The good aspects of the project are there but is always shadowed by how it could have been better with these, these and these changes. I think many of my fellow designers could probably relate to this.

Nothing is perfect, everything can be improved upon. In some ways that is what justifies the designer as a profession but also something that at times can be very frustrating. In the end though this way of analysing your own things moves you forward, allows you to be creative and to work on the bits you find insufficient. I also find it that the same rules applies in the private life. If you get a chance and don’t take it or if you get dumped by your partner the same things happen. After a while you see your mistakes or what could have been better, get your act together and become a better person.

As much as it is frustrating, it is also one of the reasons for loving this profession. There is never an end, everything is always moving forwards towards a utopia where everything works perfectly and everything is beautiful.

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