Fujitsu design award 2011

Today I found a competition that actually sounds very interesting. It is a design competition to create new lifestyle from next-generation computing as it says in the description. There are two categories. One that didn’t really catch my eye that was basically about redesigning a laptop.
The other on the other hand was very inspiring.

”Life-design category
Applicants are requested to design and propose a new lifestyle for 2020 that makes use of network-accessing computing technologies, and anticipates all usage situations such as inside the home and while going out. We will accept applications for new service concepts** that will enrich our daily lives even further, as well as designs of next-generation computing based on such service concepts.
** What is a service concept?
It illustrates how people’s lives can be enriched through the offering of services using ICT.
What sort of services will be offered to whom? When, where, and for what purpose are such services used? Will the services provide new value such as convenience, experiences, and/or moving emotions? There is no need to follow a business model (business incomes and expenditures) when considering the content of the services”

Things already started spinning here but I can’t show or tell anything until the competition is finished according to the rules. The competition is held by Fujitsu in cooperation with the fantastic design site Designboom. Well worth checking out on it’s own if you haven’t already.

Fujitsu design award 2011

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